Sales Demo for Harrison Assessments

Business Need: Demonstrate a Real-World Use for Harrison Assessments

The Performance Difference offers services to help companies grow through strategic workforce decisions. The main tool they use to do this is the Harrison Assessments (HA) system. Clients purchase packages based on their workforce development needs. The owner and president, Laurie Genevish, approached me about how she could provide a quick, easy-to-understand example of how HA could provide value for clients.

Instructional Approach: Develop a Demonstration Clients Could Relate To 

I suggested an interactive, scenario-based demo of how HA could help solve a common client problem. I designed a demo that put the user in the role of making the decision to hire a candidate or pass on them after reviewing their qualifications and interview notes. I included feedback about why the decision was a good one or not, and how using HA would have made a difference.


Narrowing down the client problem to feature was challenging. After consulting with current and past clients, I learned that the hiring process often proved daunting, especially to hiring managers who didn’t go through it often.


We decided to showcase how HA could assist with the hiring process. I worked with a human resources subject-matter expert to determine a commonly-used hiring process for a position at the director level. In this example, we chose a director of marketing position.

I created four composite character profiles that included qualifications based on common requirements for the position. I included notes that might be taken by hiring committee members during an interview. The viewer decided whether to hire or pass on each candidate. They received immediate feedback about why it was or was not a good decision, and how HA would help them make a better decision.


Ms. Genevish hosted the demo on her company website, so that potential clients could view it at any time. She provided feedback that the demo gave clients a better understanding of what HA could do for them, thus achieving her goals.

My Role:

My role was to research, design, and develop an interactive solution that showed potential clients the value of using Harrison Assessments for their workforce decisions.

Instructional design: I designed the demonstration. I chose to make it easy for viewers to get immediate feedback about their hiring decision, as well as try again if they wanted to see the results for a different answer. I also made it easy for the viewer to exit the demo at any point.

Developer: I developed it in Articulate Storyline 360.

Writer: Using material supplied by the SME, I curated and wrote profiles for each candidate. I also wrote the voice-over script.

View the Demo:

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