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Re-Imagining Online Learning


I used to dread telling people what I did for a living.

As soon as the words “design and develop online learning” left my mouth, people groaned and told me how much they hated e-learning. I was immediately blamed for every bad e-learning experience they’d ever had. Not a comfortable place to be.

And I couldn’t blame them.

I’d had some of the same experiences, taking e-learning courses that were so bad, I’d lost the will to live by the third slide. I understood their frustration. How could e-learning that egregious be effective?

No one wants to participate
in projects that don’t deliver value.

I knew there was a better way to create engaging and effective e-learning. So I made it my life’s work to learn as much as I could about how people learn and what makes training effective.

There are a lot of moving pieces to creating a learning program that consistently delivers excellent results. I learned to use research-based methods to get the best outcomes. One of the most effective tools I discovered was the use of stories in learning.

Storytelling has been used in learning for centuries,
pre-dating written language.

Story-based (or scenario-based) elearning provides unsurpassed learner engagement and the best opportunity for learning to be effective. After all, would you rather endure a click-through, text-laden slide show of company compliance policy, or participate in interactive, scenario-based elearning that teaches what harassment looks like in the real world and how to handle it, like Broken Coworker?

Gina Evans, Founder

Gina Evans, Founder


Story-based learning fits almost any learning situation and any industry.
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