Client Testimonials

Lauren S. Holland

Associate Vice President
Corporate & Workforce Development
Florence-Darlington Technical College

Our division has called on Gina’s instructional design services many times, to help us solve problems for our customers, and to provide assistance in meeting our business goals.

Gina developed an Employment Readiness course curriculum, created to aid us in recruiting and preparing individuals for employment at Honda of South Carolina, one of our area’s largest manufacturing employers.  The subsequent training, which utilized the curriculum that Gina produced, resulted in job offers by Honda of South Carolina to 100% of the program participants.

She was also instrumental in creating effective content and training materials to help another customer of ours address critical customer service deficiencies in its workforce.

She is creative, dedicated to creating high quality content, and has a passion to help individuals grow and make a better life for themselves.

Gina is professional, reliable and brings a wealth of knowledge of instructional design and technology to her work.  She is easy to work with, and contributes significantly to our ability to deliver training to our customers and students.

Laurie Genevish

The Performance Difference, LLC
Harrison Solutions Partner

I have worked with Gina for several years. She is my first go-to when I need additional IDs on a client project. Gina knows her stuff when it comes to instructional design both for instructor-led and web-based training. She always knows the latest trends or changes in training technology. Her quality of work is outstanding and she never misses a deadline. Gina wows both me and the client.

Jinnie Lee Schmid

Founder and President
Change Navigators

I landed a new referral partner and struggled to create collateral that would engage them and their clients.  I asked Gina to contribute some ideas and language, and they were great!  All of her ideas were so creative – and so on point – that it was hard to choose just one to use (so the others are on file to leverage again later). Gina has an amazing ability to use just the right language to craft a compelling story that gets the desired results. I’m grateful that she has such a passion for her craft and for helping fellow instructional designers and entrepreneurs create content that’s both engaging and effective.