Talent Development and Learning Culture

Business Need: Deliver Educational Programs for Small Business Start-Ups

A small business incubator at a local college needed to provide educational programs for businesses getting ready to scale up.

Instructional Approach: Provide a Series of Workshops Offering Valuable Information to Growing Small Businesses

Talent development and the importance of establishing a learning culture is an often-overlooked way to enhance a business’s success. This course was designed to inform owners about the advantages of investing time and effort in establishing talent development programs and fostering a culture of learning as they grow their business and add employees.


Many business owners preferred a personal, face-to-face interaction. However, they had little time to spend in classes.


I developed a three-part workshop. For three weeks, business owners attended one-hour sessions at lunchtime. This approach provided personal interaction and fit into busy schedules.

Session 1 – Hidden Secret to Success

The first class in the series explains why a talent development program is important for business success. It explains the advantages of training and introduces an overview of the ROI of investing in training employees. It also explains the advantages of talent development as a recruitment and retention tool.

Session 2 – Maximize Your Talent Development ROI

The second class explains the importance of establishing a learning culture, whatever the size of your organization. It goes into detail about how to establish a learning culture and get the best ROI on training dollars spent.

Session 3 – Develop Talent Without Breaking the Budget

This session details the steps to develop a talent development program including the following:

• how to conduct a needs analysis
• how to calculate the ROI of training
• how to evaluate the effectiveness of a training course
• how to determine the best method to deliver the training

It includes information about free or low-cost training alternatives and skills to look for when hiring someone to develop online learning.


Most of the businesses in the incubator attended each session. Evaluations indicated that the businesses would use the information covered in the course as they grew and increased their staff size.

My Role

Content developer: I researched and developed the course content.

Instructional design: I designed and developed the PowerPoint slides illustrating the course content.

Delivery: I delivered the workshops face-to-face.

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